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The D.C. Policy Center Style Guides

Posted by Michael Watson on March 2, 2017

While starting up our organization, we at D.C. Policy Center (not DC but we'll get to that) had to make a few decisions. What should the website look like? What colors are we going to use? Should figures use the same colors or different colors? Serif or sans? These are the types of questions that eventually build a loose style guide. A style guide's goal is to standardize the appearance for readability, aesthetics, and branding.

This is a style guide series that is intended to cover our internal style guide's for all of the work we do. This includes writing for blog posts and longer policy pieces, formats for web and printed mediums, coding and documentation, and anything else we can think of creating a style guide for in the future. You can also always navigate back to this style guide introduction from the top menu bar.

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