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The Mission of D.C. Policy Center.

D.C. Policy Center: Data Blog

Mission Statement

The D.C. Policy Center: Data Blog exists to bring the backbone of our policy research, our data and analysis tools, to the public. We believe in brining not just finished analysis to the policy discussion, but showing what steps we took to reach our conclusions. Our hope is to elevate the policy conversation and help the city continue to grow and succeed.

D.C. Policy Center

Mission Statement

Established in 2016, the non-partisan D.C. Policy Center works to advance policies for a strong and vibrant economy in the District of Columbia. A strong and vibrant economy is the only sustainable way the District can support services for its growing population, tend to its infrastructure needs, and pay for a meaningful safety net for its most vulnerable residents. You can read the rest of our formal mission statement on our main D.C. Policy Center website.